Draft Registration Card

pre-1912 through 1947

Though Bob Crawford's draft registration card is dutifully filled out at age 40, there is no evidence that he served in the First World War. He identified himself as a self-employed farmer, and named his wife as next of kin. Bob Crawford moved to…

Leighton Kramer

pre-1912 through 1947

Leighton Kramer was the second owner of the Villa Crawford. But he preferred Arizona, where he also had bought a house. He became the president of the Arizona Polo Association. Here is an article he wrote. Thanks to Jake Jacobson for this article and…

Traveling Keswick’s Historic Roads

pre-1912 through 1947

The Keswick area, and Albemarle County as a whole, is unusually blessed with an impressively intact system of historic roads. While roads are often seen a mundane, they are in fact one of the main forces that determines how a region develops…

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