Many memories


The book is wonderful and brought back many memories. We visited many times when it was all being built and then up and running.

Very nice indeed :)


The book just arrived this morning. Thanks so much - it is awesome!! I'm going to read it all this weekend. Very nice indeed :)

Future Generations


"People who document histories of special people, places and events are selfless in the same way that are those who plant trees. The result is valued more by each future generation. Thank you for doing this."

My First Shirley Temple


I enjoyed the book so much that I would like to get copies for my family. I still have a Keswick Club of Virginia racquet cover and my [membership] pin. I can also remember when I first overcame my fears and jumped off the diving board. I also remember sitting at the top overview near the locker room and watching over the lower pool. We also used to go the Hunt room for Sunday lunch every week. I had my first Shirley Temple in the bar.

Great Childhood Memories


My grandparents took me to the club as a child. I remember the tennis pro Bob Reid very well. There is irony in Mr. Reid being with us at 98. Decades ago, the last I heard of him was an anecdote my father related. Apparently, Mr. Reid was not seen at his accustom haunts, and somehow my grandparents thought they had come to know he had died. One day Mr. Reid called my grandparents, Robert and Glenn Seeley, who, as I mentioned, lived a mile further down the road that runs in front of Keswick Hall. My aunt answered the phone and blurted out, "Mr. Reid!!

BA and AP


On September 23, 1992, Sir Bernard Ashley and Arnold Palmer celebrated the opening of the new Keswick Club.

Leighton Kramer

pre-1912 through 1947

Leighton Kramer was the second owner of the Villa Crawford. But he preferred Arizona, where he also had bought a house. He became the president of the Arizona Polo Association. Here is an article he wrote. Thanks to Jake Jacobson for this article and photo. For more information about Leighton Kramer, see

Keswick Club ashtray


Ashtrays like this were one way the Keswick Club found to display the map of the golf course.

Mr. Westbrook


I remember when Neil Kittles used to do Shakespeare plays in the late 60s and early 70s. She would edit the script, simplify it, and get kids doing Shakespeare. She did As You Like It and The Tempest. I was 16 at the time. I also remember once when Knox Turnbull jumped in and protected me. I was working down at the tennis courts and was sent up to the clubhouse during a tournament to give a message to a guy named Wesbrook that his match time had been changed. I went to the woman who was the head of the office and said, “I’ve been sent up here to tell Mr.

Traveling Keswick’s Historic Roads

pre-1912 through 1947

The Keswick area, and Albemarle County as a whole, is unusually blessed with an impressively intact system of historic roads. While roads are often seen a mundane, they are in fact one of the main forces that determines how a region develops. Throughout its approximately 270-year history, the roads that have developed in the Keswick region have been directly responsible for much of Keswick’s present appearance.