My First Shirley Temple


I enjoyed the book so much that I would like to get copies for my family. I still have a Keswick Club of Virginia racquet cover and my [membership] pin. I can also remember when I first overcame my fears and jumped off the diving board. I also remember sitting at the top overview near the locker room and watching over the lower pool. We also used to go the Hunt room for Sunday lunch every week. I had my first Shirley Temple in the bar.

My father was on the faculty at the University of Virginia (Dr. Gerry Goldstein, medical oncologist) and my parents joined Keswick in 1967. We were there until it closed in the 70's.

In the summer, my mother dropped us off at the oval pool and she went over to the tennis courts. While my brother and sister dove for pennies in the pool, I followed my mother over to the tennis courts. I have been in love with tennis ever since!

I remember Bob Reid teaching me the fancy ways to pick up a tennis ball. He scooped up the ball with the edge of the racquet and his foot and said this is how a B player picks up the ball. Then he bounced the ball up using the strings of the racquet and said this is how an A player picks up the ball. I never forgot it even though I still pick up the ball like a B player!!!

The next tennis pro after Bob Reid was Jim Stephens. He was very nice and I took winter lessons from him in the bubble. One day when I was only 7, I asked him to hit with me. Of course he couldn't do that but he offered me lessons. His wife's name was Marilyn? and she was from Australia, I think. She and my mother Gilly Goldstein were very good friends.

When the club closed we were very very sad. We joined the Four Seasons Racquet Club and later the Boars Head Sports Club. Sometimes we still went back to the club and played on the vacant courts. The old clay courts were covered with grass and it was disappointing to watch. It is always a special place to me and I am glad that I can play there now as a guest.

Ellen Welch