Mr. Westbrook


I remember when Neil Kittles used to do Shakespeare plays in the late 60s and early 70s. She would edit the script, simplify it, and get kids doing Shakespeare. She did As You Like It and The Tempest. I was 16 at the time. I also remember once when Knox Turnbull jumped in and protected me. I was working down at the tennis courts and was sent up to the clubhouse during a tournament to give a message to a guy named Wesbrook that his match time had been changed. I went to the woman who was the head of the office and said, “I’ve been sent up here to tell Mr. Wesbrook that the time for his match has been changed. What is his room number?” She said, “There’s nobody like that staying here.” I went back and told Bob Reid, and Knox Turnbull overheard me. He walked up with me to that woman and said, “This young man is supposed to take a message to Mr. Wesbrook. What room is Mr. Wesbrook in?” She told him the room, and I went up and knocked on the door. It was 231 I think. There was Mr. Wesbrook, in a towel. I said, “Mr. Wesbrook, the time of your match has been changed.” “Oh, thank you,” he said. I just really appreciated what Knox did. When you’re just a kid, you really appreciate it.

Barclay Rives